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Maritime Security

We offer unparalleled protection for privately owned maritime shipping vessels, specializing in luxury yachts. Our experienced professionals work alongside luxury yacht crew to compliment the owner’s enjoyment and knowledge that his ship is secure while navigating uncertain waters.  AMTEX maritime security service covers a range of security amenities whether afloat, moored, or underway that deal directly with threats and attacks while traversing areas of high threat.


  • On board 24/7 maritime security professionals
  • Repel unauthorized boarders in port, at anchor, and/or while underway
  • Alert crew of any attempted boarding
  • Strengthen the ship’s security and its security plan
  • Enhance the current crew’s security capability without the need to increase the crew size

Area of Operations
AMTEX maritime services, operates in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel and West Coast of Africa.


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